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Fuckie Suckie Pony! See this slave with a black leather mask get abused by his two sexy mistresses! Brought to you by clubdom!

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Club Dom Sample Femdom Galleries

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Club Dom - Female Owned And Operated - Press Here!

Club Dom - Female Owned And Operated
Mistress Coral canes her slave's ass with one brutal stroke after another. The slave's ass becomes welted and striped within minutes. Coral doesn't back off. The slave pleads and moans as Coral continues to administer a severe caning. The slave begins begging for mercy. Coral grabs the slave by his hair and asks if he truly wants mercy. Is he willing to admit he is a pussy who needs mercy? Before the slave can answer, Coral lays back into his ass with her bamboo cane. Coral laughs. Her cane knows no mercy

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Club Dom - In Our World Women Rule - Press Here!

Club Dom - In Our World Women Rule
Cheyenne's personal slave has been on her every last nerve. In fact, Cheyenne has been displeased with nearly everything he has done lately. She has relieved him from camera duty and strung him up, hands over head and feet in a set of bondage slippery bondage boots. Cheyenne lays into her bitch with a bull whip. She whips him from knees to shoulders, leaving deep black and red welts. She is angry and her bitch will pay with his suffering. Cheyenne is restlessness and uncaring. She is outright sadistic as she bullwhips her slut in the cruelest of manner. Cheyenne's slut begins sobbing. He feigns that he is sorry for his transgressions. Cheyenne doesn't laughs and keeps the brutal lashes coming, nearly whipping her pathetic slut right off his feet. The more flesh Cheyenne takes with her bullwhip, the more she wants

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Club Dom - Women Use And Abuse Men For Their Own Pleasures - Press Here!

Club Dom - Women Use And Abuse Men For Their Own Pleasures
*This video is unusually cruel and graphic.* Cheyenne has her slave restrained and his helpless balls exposed. She lays in with a single tail whip, delivering brutal lashes straight to his cock and balls. The slave whimpers and moans. This annoys Cheyenne so she lays in even harder. Then she gets out her cane starts in with vicious cane strokes to his already bruised balls. The slave's suffering fuels Cheyenne's sadistic bend. She loves destroying worthless balls. She canes the slave until he is begging her stop. Then she lights a cigarette. Cheyenne asks the slave if he would rather be burned with her cigarette or beaten with her cane. It doesn't matter how the slave answers. He is getting both. Cheyenne canes his nuts and then drives her red hot cigarette right into his balls. Laughing, she lights another one. This time she holds the cigarette on his balls for a good while before driving it on his bruised and broken nuts

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Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination
Coral lies on the sofa and covers her bitch's slave in spit. She drenches his face and fills his mouth with her luscious spit. She spits on her shoe and makes him lick it off. Then Coral spits on the floor. She grabs his head and laughs as uses him as a spit mop. Coral mops up her spit with the bitch's face!

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