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Porn Dominatrix Lady Sonia Introduction
The way that males are mesmerized by even the slightest hint of "cleavage" has always been of great interest to me. When I was in my mid-teens and I was becoming aware of my femininity and the power that I could assert over the opposite sex. I could amuse myself for hours as I learned to both tease and get my own way in an instant. Over the years I have perfected my teasing skills so that I can demand attention wherever and whenever I want it. Sometimes I can produce a reaction in the most surprising ways too! Perhaps one day I will tell you. You will have to wait and see...
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Anyway, yesterday I had some especial teasing fun with what was literally a captive audience. I had travelled down on the train to London Kings Cross on the early train, as I had to pick up a few very special items from Leatherworks of Islington. As soon as the train reached London I took a taxi to Islington and then onto Camden where I had lunch with a friend and then I took a taxi to Knightsbridge to spend a little time shopping for panties. I think this would have been a very special treat for panty slaves? Panty slaves would be kept very busy in Knightsbridge with me!
Mistress paddling nude guy After rushing through the London traffic once more in a taxi I was back at Kings Cross in time to catch the 15.10 home again.

The "first class" coaches are always the first that you arrive at when you catch the train from Kings Cross so I climbed aboard and took a table seat opposite to a young businessmen in a black suit. In just a few minutes the waiter had served coffee and we were both absorbed in work on our laptops.

I was putting the finishing touches to some navigation buttons for my new site and just after the train passed the Alexander Palace I happened to look up and noticed that the young man opposite me was 'discreetly' looking at my bust out of the corner of his eye no doubt hoping that I would not notice him. Well I did notice him, as it was an early train there was not many people around us so I decided to have a little "teasing" fun with him.

I was wearing a white blouse and the motion of the train was causing my breasts to gently sway in my bra and very visible under my blouse. I am sure that this is what had caught his eye in the first place! I carefully looked across the carriage to the opposite window and I slowly lifted my arms over my head and stretched. This thrust my gently swaying breasts straight out towards him and I could see him trying desperately not to get caught looking then I carefully went back to work on my laptop as if I had not noticed his attentions at all. Through the reflection in the window next to me I could see that his eyes were still fixed to my gently swaying breasts. I let a little smile creep into the corner of my mouth then I started to tease him properly…

First I slowly let my left hand move slowly up to the top of the front of my blouse as I carried on working on my laptop then I slowly started to run my finger up and down the gap in the front of my blouse between the top button and the second button down as if I were carefully removing a piece of dust or something and then as I continued to study the laptop screen I slowly released the top button so that the top of my blouse opened a little.

I now carefully slipped my left hand into my blouse and slowly massaged my left shoulder, which had the effect of forcing my cleavage together. Still working intently on my laptop I could just imagine the effect that I was having upon him now!

Next I carried on studying the work on the screen while I used both hands to slowly release the next button down from the top. I carefully arranged the collar making sure that it was straight but as I did this the top of my blouse was pulled open a little allowing a *full* view of the top of my cleavage and through the reflection in the window I could see his eyes

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almost pop out of his head when he saw that I was wearing a black bra!

I could see him cross his legs first one way and then uncomfortably he crossed them the back the other way again. Then as I sat up and looked him straight in the eyes as I opened the third button of my blouse and then making sure that no one else could see I pulled

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it wide open so that he could see that I was not just wearing a black bra, it was a shiny black rubber bra and as my cleavage sprang into view I smiled at him as he gasped out aloud…

He was now mine and I knew that I could make him do whatever I wanted. Anything at all! The first class seating arrangements are absolutely perfect for slipping off my spike heels and to enjoy giving a long slow "foot-job" under the table. Nice and slowly so that no one could notice as I teased him to the very brink time and time again in rhythm with the sway of my rubber clad breasts pushing out through the front of my carefully arranged blouse…

I am always surprised at just how hot a fully erect and properly excited cock feels between my nylon stocking covered feet and how it twitches and throbs as I slowly go to work slowly on it. How better to amuse myself on a train journey I wonder?

www.lady-sonia.com is my own personal website and I personally run my own site, put my own site together, have my own personal photographer and update my site myself on a daily basis. The fact that www.lady-sonia.com is my own personal project and not run by a corporation or large anonymous company is the key that has made it such a massive success and why www.lady-sonia.com is so totally unique.

So far www.lady-sonia.com has more than 25,000 exclusive photos, 4 complete video libraries filled with hours of full length fully download-able videos, interviews, my personal journal and lots more! I also update my site every single day (365 days a year) with brand new and 100% exclusive material and content. www.lady-sonia.com is growing every day so check out my update page for full information.

I am a real English Lady and I live only by my own rules! I am a fetishist who loves to explore the world of eroticism and decadence and www.lady-sonia.com is a window into my private and personal world. Are you ready to join me on my journey of exploration?

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