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A poor guy named Drex thought he was all hot shit and scooted over to Gina Killmer's house to show off his new sport bike and try and score some pussy, knowing Gina loves the leather and the sound of a finely tuned exhaust. But he sure didn't bargain for being turned into a pussy himself, and within minutes, the strong-willed Killmer has the Drexster hung, his cock strapped to his head, and is giving him the ass spanking of his life!
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Charlie escorts friend Gina Killmer to the GYNOB, but little does he know that Killmer lied about her impacted fetus, and was only bringing him here to be dominated by the harsh and unforgiving Morgan Moore a surprise b-day present. This "gift" is just what Charlie needed, and strapped into the stirrups, he spreads and becomes as vulnerable as a child. Morgan taunts him, pleasures him, and hurts him, until finally he breaks down like a little man boy and is reborn again--more than can be said for Killmer's impacted fetus

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